Nigeria: SDG Conference 2016

Currently in Nigeria, there is considerable focus on how to measure progress using indicators through monitoring, but there are little focus on evaluation for which is mainly donor led.  The adoption of SDGs will require that Nigeria Government(s) must go beyond measurement and monitoring to consider whether the progress Nigeria is making is equitable? Relevant? Effort and interventions Effectives and impactful? Such evidences will help demonstrate public sector accountability, Value- For-Money and justify spending and sacrifice made by Nigeria citizens and society and accelerate change by focusing attention on enhancing learning, innovation and informing budget allocation.  However, this requires that a national policy on evaluation is in place to ensure accountability and learning.

Within the conference goals, the conference aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a space for evaluation communities (practitioners and users, academia, private sector and government officials) to come together to face the evaluation challenges posed by SDGs.
  • Following the national launch of the SDGs, lend a voice to the need for a plan of action for the Evaluation of the SDGs i.e. increasing advocacy for the institutionalization of Evaluation in Government including evaluation policy and the role of non-State Evaluation actors.
  • Create an avenue for knowledge sharing on current trends in Evaluation as it relates to Governance and the SDGs.
  • Spark up interest and lead the involvement of the private sector and their role working with Government for the achievement of the SDGs.

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