Guidance/training group

Introducing the EVALSDGs Guidance Group

WHO AND WHY: The EVALSDGs Guidance Group (GG) are evaluators from all over the world who have grouped together to work with practitioners and support their evaluation of the 17 SDGs. These are innovative and interconnected, an upgrade of the MDGs, so their implementation is complex and requires strong collaborations and partnerships as well as regular monitoring and evaluation.

WHAT: Our group is committed to provide Pop-up Notes (please see examples below), training materials, and practical information in a simple, easily digestible and comprehensive language on issues and opportunities with the purpose to strengthen the global and national evaluation capacity.

HOW: We use different and creative approaches to share key take-away messages around the impact and sustainability of the SDGs. Moreover, we describe which competencies are necessary to the evaluation practice and to increase the effectiveness of the 2030 Agenda making sure that ‘No one is left behind’.

Copyright: EVALSDGs Guidance Group, 2017

Pop-up Notes (PUNs):

1. Evaluating the Complexity of the 17 SDGs
2. Lessons Learned on Joint Initiatives for Evaluation and the SDGs
3. SDGs Implementation Landscape: VOPEs and Networks

Guide for generation of PUNs

For more information contact:

EVALSDGs Guidance Group Coordinators:
– Florence Etta, National General Secretary, Nigerian Association of Evaluators (
– Isha Wedasinghe Miranda, Governing Board Secretary, Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) (

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